The Top 5 Programming Languages Beginners Should Learn in 2017

Top 5 Computer Programming Languages in 2017

Programming languages are basically the formal languages through which a programmer, or someone who speaks these “languages”, communicates commands to a computer machine.
Through programming, one is capable of commanding a machine to do most anything, by simply writing down the correct commands with the correct algorithm.

Multiple programming languages are often used together in complex commands in higher forms of technology. Together, multiple instances of these languages bring about impressive innovations that in high-demand for the fact that they let everyone do life with much ease than previous technology.
Because of this, programmers have become a necessary role in almost everything related to technology for years now. With the rising demand for programmers, a lot of other people have also developed a keener interest in learning the “language” so they can start being a programmer.

Inevitably, learning a language is progressive in that application is practice in itself, honing the necessary expertise needed to take the next step in learning. This applies to programming languages.
Learning one basic language helps in keeping up with how higher languages work, and how other languages are used.

For people interested in learning how to program, here are top five programming languages that one should be looking into learning:

1. C#

C# Programming Language

C# is a programming language developed by Microsoft in 2000. It is an object-oriented language that uses a .NET framework in building software, applications, web-based development.
Object-oriented programming means that this language takes on a methodology organized around breaking down complex, bigger programs, into little objects with attributes as to how they will be interacting with each other. This is easier compared to old languages where program commands snowball into a large, complex command line where things can easily get lost.
With C# improved through Rapid Application Development, programming can be compared to preparing instant noodles that only requires a quick pour of hot water. Or so they say.
Like other great languages that survive the test of time, C# is interoperable with other low and high-level programming languages, giving the average C#-based programmer more opportunities when it comes to its development, as well as with the other languages that are introduced in the learning process.
Also, because of its integration with an Open Source development platform back in 2016, programming on non-Windows machines have also been made possible. Compare all of that improvement to the previous decade where C# was a language only understood by Windows machines.
The language itself has certainly taken leaps and bounds when it comes to development. Because of its compatibility with other languages and the fact that C# is widely used not only in web development but also software and application development, there is a very high demand when it comes to programmers specializing in this language.

Another thing to note, for those interested in learning a programming language, the simplicity of C# is sure to help in developing the common computing sense appropriate in understanding how other languages work and how computer programming works in general.


Java Programming Language

Another dynamic language would be the Java program. The key to understanding how Java works would be the Java Virtual Machine. Supported by most all devices today, the JVM is the platform in which Java command lines are interpreted and processed.
This means that Java is not only a language in itself but also a platform for programming.
Although seemingly exclusive at first, Java has actually come a long way from its beginnings. It is actually interoperable with other languages that are commonly used in a lot of websites nowadays.
And because it is platform-independent, this language is not just supported by multiple operating systems, it can actually run on any operating system, given that the processor supports the JVM, which most all processors do today.

Introduced back in the 1990s, this programming language lets a programmer write in easy-to-read English-based scripts, making programming less numerical, and more logical for humans in terms of writing and reading scripts.
This language also uses object-oriented programming, which means codes do not run the risk of becoming too bulky and cluttered to go through because of compartmentalization.
Considered a high-level programming language by many programmers, Java is used today in software development, but it is more popular in web development and mobile application development, considering it is with the rise of Android operating systems and computing devices that a demand in Java programmers increased in the last few years.

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Python Programming Language

Python is a language that comes highly recommended for beginners who do not want to see encounter too much of the manual, numerical coding happen. Another open-source licensed language, Python comes for free so learning will only cost you your time. Not a bad deal if you ask us, of course.
Now, this also means that Python-based systems and programs and free to be distributed, depending on the developer.

Considered an “interpreted” language, Python’s semantics are very dynamic in that any written code is very easy to read, compared to others. This language works well as an adhesive for pre-existing components but is also a great basis for developing high-functioning programs. Supported by the most-used software today including iOS, Windows, Unix, and Linux, a lot of popular websites today were actually developed using Python. The list includes big names such as YouTube, Google, Dropbox, Quora, Reddit, and the long list carries on.

Dynamic, yet simple, Python comes up in almost every conversation where the question “Which language(s) should I start learning to program with?” is asked.

4. C++

C++ Programming Language

C++ is a programming language commonly introduced in academic systems that include low-level programming. This language can almost be considered the mother of today’s top programming languages.
Java is a programming language developed through improving on what C++ and other C-languages have already started. Although not highly recommended for beginners who are interested in trying out things to get a feel for how it all works.

So who is it best suited for? Well, the language is highly recommendable for those who are interested in becoming highly literate programmers.
Given that programming is technically learning the language through which a computing machine communicates with its parts, literacy in C++ almost amounts to literacy in almost all programming languages currently in use.
A programmer who can comprehend the workaround of C++ will have very little difficulty in adjusting to other programming languages.

In summary, the C++ language is recommended for programmers-to-be who want get to the level of a general programmer, one whose literacy in programming allows migration between platforms while breaking little to no sweat. In learning C++, only a time and patience are necessary, although a really good teacher is a big help, too.


JavaScript Programming Language

Branching out into web-development, which is not a bad start when it comes to programming, JavaScript is the first thing every beginner needs to learn. It is a client-based, object-oriented language that comes with pre-written scripts available for execution and observation for those new to the whole programming scene. JavaScript is what the most popular browsers and programmers use in web development, creating design and applications that make up most of the internet today.

JavaScript is client-based, which means its programs rely on the capability of the end user’s computing machine to run its code. Fortunately, the most popular browsers of 2017 are supported by almost all devices, and they can all run JavaScript-based websites.
Widely used all over the internet for web design, JavaScript coding is predicted to last a lot more years in its prominence, allowing room for beginners to still progress into experts and enter the world of professional JavaScript programming.

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